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Dyana Winchester

Owner, Hair Extension Specialist


Master Level Lead

Dyana Winchester, a native of Summerville, combines southern hospitality and modern luxury at The Winchester Spa and Salon. An award-winning extension specialist with over 30 years of experience, Dyana is not just crafting hairstyles; she's building legacies. Her vision, echoed in every empowered leader she cultivates, is a testament to a salon that goes beyond beauty, creating a lasting impact that extends far beyond the mirror. Book your complimentary hair extension consultation today!

Tyler Minidis Master Stylist Lead Mentor The Winchester.jpg

Tyler Minidis

Lead Master Salon Stylist and Mentor

Master Level Lead

Immerse yourself in a realm of elegance and sophistication with Tyler, a master of both color formulation and precision cutting, who also harbors a deep passion for educating future beauty professionals. As a second-generation cosmetologist, Tyler's upbringing in the beauty and wellness industry has instilled in him a profound understanding of style and personal transformation. Leading as a salon mentor and stylist, he has pioneered a unique program aimed at nurturing and developing emerging cosmetologists. Enjoy unparalleled five-star service and contemporary glamour with Tyler, where each appointment is a step toward unveiling your most confident and stylish self.

Tyler Minidis's Portfolio

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