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Honey and Me Couples Massage

BEST ENJOYED: Date night

THE MOOD: Sipping champagne on Lovers Lane!

EXPERIENCE: A toast to love and to you, darling! This kneading is for parched skin in need of a deep drink of hydration. Neck, hands and feet are wrapped in a steaming, sultry compress – with towels infused with rich notes of Madagascar vanilla and vitamin-E for all the moisturizing feels. Hands and feet are painted in an organic honey and sunflower butter blend, then cocooned for deeply nourishing hydration. A gorgeous infusion of organic coconut milk and sultry organic cardamom is rubbed in from head to toe with soothing effleurage strokes to relieve muscles of tension. The look of love looks splendid on you.

FABULOUS ADDITION: Include a complimentary glass of champagne.

PRODUCTS USED: Vanilla Bourbon Oil (add to Milk lotion for additional glide.)

Honey-Chai Steeped Milk Lotion

Sunflower Honey-Butter Serum

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Soft as a Peach

BEST ENJOYED: Peaches and Dreams THE MOOD: Feeling peachy!

EXPERIENCE: Relax as arms, shoulders, back and neck are warmly nestled and prepped for your massage with a cucumber fresca infused, steaming towel wrap – fresh, crisp and clean. Enjoy a relaxing, deep kneading massage with a custom blended peach, ginger and black currant extract FARMPRESS MASSAGE– reminiscent of a southern sweet tea with a side of fresh berry goodness! The Farmpress is yours to take home!


Cucumber Fresca Fizzing Soaked Towels

Quinsyberry Oil

Sweet Tea Shea Butter

The Herbal FarmPress

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Peach Tea Nectar Vichy Body Scrub 

BEST ENJOYED: The juiciest side of life

THE MOOD: Sweet as a Peach

EXPERIENCE: Ready for a mouthwatering peach of a treat? To begin, enjoy a creamy apricot soaked hot towel wrap. Next, breathe in and out deeply as you’re thoroughly exfoliated in a whipped shea sugar exfoliation -- revealing new skin beneath and leaving you soft & silky. A richly hydrating shea butter massage will leave you refreshingly relaxed and softened from head to toe, as notes of delicious ginger and peach tea linger sweetly on your skin.


Apricot Nectar Fizzing Soaked Towels

Sweet Tea Scrub

Sweet Tea Shea Butter

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Cupid's Honey-Butter Cocoon

BEST ENJOYED: With your honey

THE MOOD: Butter me up

EXPERIENCE: This decadent body experience begins with a Whipped

Honey Sea Salt Scrub to remove dead skin cells and stimulate skin’s

metabolism. Next, you are painted – head to toe – with a rich, creamy

honey-butter made from golden organic honey and glistening sunflower

seed oil that intensively repairs and hydrates. You’re then cocoon

wrapped and lulled into deep relaxation with a warm oil scalp massage,

followed by a full light body massage.


Whipped Honey Salt Scrub

Sunflower Honey-Butter Serum

Blushing Agave Oil

Mylar Wrap

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Chamomile Exfoliating Facial and Peel

BEST ENJOYED: In good company

THE MOOD: A tall pour of Summerville

EXPERIENCE: Let’s venture off into the land of Sweet Tea! Legs and feet are immersed into a soothing blend of sea salts and organic teas with relaxing rosemary and mint oils. You’ll bask in splendor and steam as a cane sugar and coconut water scrub goes to work smoothing away dry, rough soles. We end with a hydrating treat – sealing in softness with a luscious shea butter reminiscent of a golden sunset out on the front porch – with notes of white ginger, peach and sugary sweet southern tea that linger long after you’ve left the spa. Nail care and your choice of Polish. Ask your Spa Coordinator about upgrading to gel polish for lasting results.


Rosemary Mint Tea Bag

Sweet Tea Scrub

Sweet Tea Shea Butter


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High Tea Steeped Milk Manicure and Pedicure Combo

BEST ENJOYED: In a Queens Chair

THE MOOD: Skin quenched. Soul renewed.

EXPERIENCE: Steep into a shimmering Lemoncreme Soak filled with whole milk and soothing Epsom salts that start a comforting rejuvenation. A whipped Sweet Tea foot exfoliation follows with peach stone powder, sugar grains and shea butter – this exfoliation stands out from all the rest! Skin drinks in an organic sunflower honey-butter serum – packed with organic sunflower seed oil and vitamins A, B & E. Softness is then sealed in with a velvety lotion made locally by steeping organic lavender in coconut milk. It’s then kissed with a drop of Agave Nectar Oil for your extra-long massage. Nail care and Polish of your choice. Ask your Salon Coordinator about a Gel upgrade. Here’s to looking at you, beautiful!


Lemoncreme Fizzing Soak

Sweet Tea Scrub (use lemon halves)

Sunflower Honey-Butter Serum

Buttermilk Lavender Steeped Milk Lotion

Agave Nectar Oil

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Lavender & Hybiscus Eye Treatment

While arms, legs and feet are being dazzled and delighted – we mustn’t forget the delicate eye area needs attention too. We steep cotton pads with a Lavender Hibiscus Mineral Soak – blended with stress-relieving lavender oil and soothing Epsom salts to provide tension relief to the skin around the under and outer-eye. Enjoy a 5 minute head, neck and scalp massage as the soak melts into skin. 5 min. Treatment

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One Fine BluePhoria Lip Treatment

Revive dry, chapped lips with a micro sugar and shea butter exfoliation! Silky softness is now yours for the season when we lock it in with a blue matcha + CBD oil lip therapy balm that replenishes skin with lasting hydration. $20 and keep the BluePhoria Lip Balm!

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Sinus Soother

Unwind in a warm mineral soak compress – infused with a Ceara and Epsom salt blend to relieve muscle tension. This wrap is accompanied by an acupressure facial massage to relieve pressure and congestion – leaving you cleared, calm and collected in wholesome bliss.

10 min. Treatment Add-On $20

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Sweet Sugar Lips​

Lips will squeal, “Oh-la-la!” after experiencing this add-on – just for you. A citrus oil scrub first buffs away dry skin – micro sugar crystals exfoliate while shea butter moisturizes – leaving lips as radiant as over. After your polish, a vitamin A & E infused lip balm is painted on to keep any dry rough patch at bay. Here’s to a delicious kisser!

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